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Our Short History

Our website is updated with the freshest articles about various BMW upgrades and multimedia systems repairs to guide you in your purchase or just to find out more about our different projects.


Going to the NEXT Level

Our company is dedicated to the goal of providing expert car electrical and electronic services at affordable prices to build lasting customer relationships for years to come.


We work tirelessly to exceed expectations on each call and we guarantee we will work to beat yours too. Our team has over 20 years of experience in car electrical systems and car electronic malfunction solutions and is committed to providing you the best quality service possible. We built our laboratory to deliver you top-grade customer experience at low prices.


Our passion is …

We feel like every enthusiast has a BMW story and we have our. Many years ago we started asking ourselves if it was possible to have better sound in BMW E36 using OEM components. It was simple question which didn’t have a simple solution.

Having our experience in music, knowledges in electronics, audio systems and car electrical malfunction solutions we have started our first project. Since then we have offered BMW electrical system maintenance, audio systems repair and many more services related to BMW electronics.


If you are wondering why the car multimedia system doesn’t respond to the steering wheel button commands or you can’t turn it on by left rotary encoder your magic word is „IBus“ and we are offering a solution for your inconvenience.